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By Anthony Horowitz

Whilst an research right into a sequence of mysterious deaths leads brokers to an elite prep university for rebellious childrens, MI6 assigns Alex Rider to the case. prior to he understands it, Alex is putting out with the sons of the wealthy and strong, and whatever feels flawed. those former juvenile delinquents have grew to become well-behaved, studious—and identical—overnight. it truly is as much as Alex to determine who's masterminding this nefarious plot, sooner than they locate him.

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H e kne w the helicopter ha d wanted refuelin , g bu ttha tshould ' n t have necessitate d an in a single day sto . p Why no tfly on straigh tt o the college? H e ha d greater than an hour to kil . First he went int o the bathroom-more glass and white marble-and took a lon g bathe. Then, wrappe d in a towel, he went again int o the room and turne d at the tv. Alex Frien d woul d watch loads of tv. there have been abou tthirty channels t o decide on from. Alex skipped earlier the French ones and stoppe d on MTV. He puzzled if he used to be being monitore . d there has been a wide replicate nex tt o the table, and that i twoul d be effortless adequate to hide a camer a behin d i . t Wel , why now not provide them whatever to imagine abou ? t H e opene d the minibar and poured himself a pitcher of gin. Then he went int o the rest room, refil e d the bottle with water, and placed it again within the refrigerator. Drinkin g alcohol and stealing! If she was once watchin , g Madame Stel enbosch might kno w that she had he rhands ful with hello . m H e spen tthe nex tforty mins watchin g tv an d pretendin g t o drink the gin. Then he took the glass into the rest room an d dumpe d i tin the sink. It was once time t o ge tdresse . d Shoul d he do what he used to be instructed and pu ton neater outfits? within the en , d he compromise . d He pu ton a ne w shi , rt bu tkep tthe similar denims. A second later, the phone ran . g His cal for dinner. Mrs. Stel enbosch used to be waitin g fo rhim within the restauran ,t a wide, airless room within the basemen . t gentle lightin g and mirrors have been use d to make it consider extra spacious, bu tit was once stil the las tplace Alex could have selected. The restauran tcould were anyplace, in any a part of the worl . d there have been tw o othe rdiners-businessmen, from the appearance of them-bu totherwise they have been by myself. Mrs. Stel enbosch ha d replaced int o a black evenin g costume with feathers on the col ar, an d she had an old necklace of black an d silve rbeads. The fancier her outfits, Alex notwithstanding ,t the uglier she looke . d She was once smokin g anothe rciga . r "Ah, Alex! " She blew smoke. "Di d you've a res ? t Or di d you watch television? " Alex did ' n t say anythin . g He sa tdown and opene d the menu, then closed i tagain while h e sa w tha tit was once al in French. "You mus tle tme order for you. a few soup to sta , rt probably? An d then a steak. 'Ive by no means ye tme ta boy wh o doesn' tlike steak. " "My cousin Oliver is a vegetarian," Alex sai . d I twas somethin g he ha d rea d in a single of the documents. The assistant director nodde d as though she already knew this. "Then he doesn' tknow what h e is missin , g " she sai . d A faded face d waite rcame over and he or she positioned the order in French. "Wha twil you drink? " she aske . d " 'Il have a Coke. " "A repulsive drink, 'Ive continuously although . t Ihave neve runderstood the style. Bu tof direction, you shal have wha tyou wan . t" The waiter brough ta Coke for Alex an d a pitcher of champagne for Mrs. Stel enbosch. Alex watched the bubbles risin g within the tw o glasses, his black, hers a faded yel o .

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