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By Piers Anthony

Grundy Golem bought no recognize. So, to end up himself, he volunteered for a quest to discover the long-lost dragon, Stanley Steamer. at the approach, he by some means manages to unfastened a damsel in distress-- yet now not with no incurring the wrath of the ocean Hag within the strategy. And in terms of avenging herself on Grundy, the ocean Hag won't ever supply up....

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Grundy scrambled up and doing and dashed throughout to Rapunzel. “Are you chuffed now? ” he referred to as to her. “You observed her holiday her be aware! ” “There has to be a few misunderstanding,” Rapunzel breathed, distraught. “She couldn’t have intended to—” “Hey, outdated bag! ” Grundy referred to as to the Hag. “What are you going to do with me if you happen to capture me back? ” “I’m going to chew your problematic little wood head off, and spit it into the ocean, Golem! ” she referred to as again. “Right after I hack this mattress Monster to items and cook dinner it within the pot! ” “No false impression, as you could see,” Grundy stated. “She’s an evil outdated lady, who has deceived you all alongside. She cares not anything for you, just for your body—when she’s able to take it for herself. ” “No, no! ” Rapunzel cried, thoroughly surprised. “That can’t be actual! ” “Hey, previous puppy, how previous are you? ” Grundy referred to as to the Hag. “Is it precise you have been born the previous day? ” “I’m hundreds of thousands of years previous! ” the Hag cried, stalking him back with the broom. “That’s most unlikely! ” Grundy exclaimed. “You don’t glance an afternoon over a century! ” “This physique is barely sixty years old,” the Hag acknowledged, swinging the broom. “I took it 40 years in the past from the final lady I raised during this Tower. ” “Just as you will take Rapunzel’s body,” Grundy acknowledged sneeringly as he dodged the swipe. “Of direction not anyone believes such nonsense. ” “Nonsense? ” she screeched. “I’m a Sorceress, you contraption of rag! ” “You suggest to assert you by no means cared for Rapunzel in any respect, outdated frump? ” The Hag, rationale on stalking him, had grown heedless of the damsel’s presence. “Of path no longer, Golem! not more than I cared for any of the fifty maidens I used ahead of. They’re all mere fodder for my durability. ” Grundy observed Rapunzel lean opposed to the wall as though approximately to faint. She had had adequate. “Snortimer! ” he cried in Monster-tongue. “When I douse the sunshine, you move tie the damsel’s hair to the chair, get her out the window, and aid her climb down. I’ll distract the ocean Hag. ” Snortimer snorted contract from below the mattress. Then Grundy lunged on the lamp along with his weapon, operating it via. The glass chimney shattered; the flame shot excessive, then puffed out. They have been in darkness. “Think that might prevent, Golem? ” the Hag cried, bashing on the spot with the broom. “No, yet possibly this will,” he cried. He strode ahead and plunged the hatpin the place he judged considered one of her huge toes used to be. He scored. The pin stabbed into bony flesh. The Hag set free an ear-splitting screech and jumped again. She wasn’t heavily broken, for the leather-based of the boot safe her foot, yet now she used to be two times as indignant as prior to. there has been an exclamation from Rapunzel. “Go with Snortimer! ” Grundy cried to her. “Make your self small, get on his again; he’ll take you competently down! ” “But you—” she faltered. Grundy lunged on the Hag’s ankle, catching it a grazing blow. “I will stick with, when you are secure! ” He jumped again because the broom got here at him back, telling its place extra by way of sound than sight. “You little piece of excrement,” the Hag cried. “When i am getting via with you, you won’t be greater than a place at the wall!

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